When must/should you add a teen driver to your auto insurance policy in Missouri?

If you are new to Missouri or your child is approaching legal driving age you may not know the particulars about adding a new driver to your auto insurance policy and licensing requirements.

Missouri has a graduated driver license law, which has 4 levels

  • Instructional Permit
  • Intermediate License
  • Under-21 Full Driver License
  • Full Driver License

Instructional Permit:

Starting at age 15, this stage is designed to make sure there is knowledge of basic traffic laws and provide hands on supervised driving instruction. Supervision/Instruction doesn’t have to come from certified instructors or a driving school, however there may be auto insurance discounts to be had by completing a certified course.

Intermediate Permit:

Those holding an instructional permit, ages 16 to 18, with 40 hours of supervised operation and a minimum of 10 hours of nighttime driving qualify for an intermediate permit. This level comes with restrictions on number of younger passengers and hours of operating to reduce risks to novice drivers.

Under-21 Full Driver License

This level puts additional restrictions & penalties on alcohol and other infractions for those years 18 to 21 years old.

When discussing the addition of a teen driver to your auto policy review options from your provider and those quotes your shop for teen driver discounts that may be available.

Teen Driver Discount Often Available:

  • Good grades – by submitting good report cards parents can save.
  • Drivers training course –completion of a certified training course may reduce rates, speak to your agent to understand courses that are eligible for discounts.
  • Monitored driving – using a mobile app or in car device your insurance company may use telematics to evaluate safe driving behaviors for your teen.

When do you need to add a teen driver to your insurance policy?

There are many scenarios depending on the age, where the teen is living and are they independent of the parents. So the easy answer is to speak to an insurance agent in St. Louis or St. Charles counties so they can discuss your specific situation.

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Some of the considerations:

  • Regular or Occasional Driver
  • Living in the Same Household (Full/Part-time)
  • Away at College
    • With the family car
    • Drives family car on occasion when home
  • Multiple cars, adding to one or all vehicles on the policy

Ask your question to an Independent Insurance Agent serving St. Louis and St. Charles Counties.

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