Renter’s Insurance in St. Louis

Property management and leasing companies may require renters to carry renter’s insurance with specific coverage minimums as a condition of leasing. While renter’s insurance in St. Louis or St. Charles counties isn’t a requirement it is still a very good idea.

Most landlords are not liable for your stuff

If a pipe bursts, a break-in occurs or a fire damages your property you are stuck replacing the items yourself. When you start itemizing your belongings the replacement value starts to accumulate quickly. Smartphone, laptop, television, game consoles, clothing, jewelry and furniture all can be gone in a catastrophe that is no fault of your own.

Guests can pose a potential liability risk

With any accident occurring at your apartment that requires medical care you will be glad you had a policy. In cases where a person injured has health insurance (deductibles, copays), you may still be held responsible for acts of negligence. Friends, service technicians, dog walkers and house sitters represent a potential exposure when they are in your residence.

Liable for damage to other’s property?

A fire spreading to adjacent properties or units, water cascading through your neighbors ceiling or a window AC unit falling from its anchor can be major problems for the uninsured.

What to consider with a policy:

  • Does it cover replacement cost or depreciated cost of items?
  • Do you have an updated inventory of items that need to be covered? Remember to update when you add expensive property or gifts (see our blog)
  • Alternative living expenses covered if you can’t live in your apartment for a period of time?
  • What is the right deductible?
  • What are the limits to medical coverage?