St. Louis Home Owner’s Insurance

Getting the best rates on your existing home owner’s policy or getting a policy for a new home purchase can be influenced by many factors.

Some of the Factors Influenced by the Home Owner(s)

  • Do you have a “dangerous” dog breed?
    • Not always a pit bull, aggressive dogs of any size can trigger adjustments or denials of your home owner’s policy cost.
  • Any idea what your Insurance Score is?
    • Similar to a credit score but will look at any liens, judgments, or garnishments.
  • Are you married?
    • It may not the be the case but married policy owners have fewer claims and are rated accordingly.
  • Claim’s History

Some of the Factors Influenced by the Home

  • Replacement Cost
    • Getting an independent appraisal is often warranted to get an accurate replacement value rather than just the mortgage owed which will include the down payment, land and interest.
  • Wood Burning Appliances
    • Stoves, fireplaces, or other heating will definitely change how you rated with your home owners insurance.
  • Home Based Business
    • From an Ebay store to a business that includes expensive equipment you want to account for any inventory, equipment, records and loss of income if the home was a total loss.
  • Remodeling
    • New roofs, HVAC, or other improvements should be reflected in your policy value to make sure you’re covered for the investments and get any discounts that may apply.
  • Age and Construction
    • Quality of materials, safety and other standards have changed over the years. Aging materials can increase risks for leaks, fires or accidents and will often negatively affect your rate.
  • Pools and hot tubs
    • Risk of injury or death increases the cost of insuring your home. If you are considering one of these improvements check with your agent.
  • Location
    • Neighborhood statistics, proximity of fire and emergency departments, flood risk are just some of the considerations.

The moral of the story is get help from a trusted independent home insurance broker in St. Louis with The Milburn Agency.