With the developing COVID-19 Response we are getting questions regarding, discounts, delayed payments and hardship allowances by providers. As of the writing of this post the auto insurance providers have made accommodations for the reduced driving rates of policy holders. For the most updated information checkout communications from your specific provider.

Some of the ways auto insurance providers are helping customers.

Refunds and Other Assistance

“The Hartford” branded their response as “COVID-19 Personal Auto Payback Plan”, giving auto insurance customers a 15 percent credit on their April and May (2020) auto insurance premiums.

The 15 percent payback will be given on two months’ worth of premium for all customers with an active auto policy as of April 1, 2020. This credit applies whether you pay your bill in full or in installments, and those who pay in installments will receive a credit toward their next payment. State insurance departments are approving these credits as quickly as possible to get customers their payments.

Termed the “Personal Auto Customer Relief Refund” Safeco has COVID response information here .

Progressive titled their response as the “Apron Relief Program” and details can be found at  https://www.progressive.com/support/covid19/

Waiving Late Fees and Cancellations

Providers are also making billing allowances for home and auto policies including waiving late-payment fees and cancellations. Insurance providers are encouraging customers to reach out directly for specific billing or credit information.

If you need help shopping rates from the top rated companies we represent during this trying time, please let us help.