New Car Tech – Exponential Growth in Awesome is Coming

Automobile manufacturers continue to build the latest technology into their vehicles; supplying consumer demand for increased safety, efficiency & convenience. Emerging technology is changing the way we drive and ride in our cars. Autonomous driving vehicles to self-sealing tires, this isn’t your father’s Oldsmobile. In this article by The Hartford, impacts to everyday commutes to […]

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St. Louis Ice Storms

It’s the time of year here when St. Louis has historically seen some of our worst ice storms. Prepare in advance for driving on ice by reading these helpful tips and taking action. With the New Year, it is a great time to review your auto insurance policy Hazelwood, St. Louis, and St. Charles. Make […]

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Night Time Driving

Having recently passed the winter solstice means with each day we are gaining daylight but we are not out of the woods yet when it comes to night time driving. For many your commute for several weeks will involve driving in the dark. We have found some tips for nighttime driving and information on road […]

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Winter Driving Checklist

Whether it is for your college student going back to school or heading out for that ski trip, review your cold weather driving emergency kit. Replace batteries, discard expired products and help make the best of any bad weather delay. As independent auto insurance agents in St. Charles and St. Louis Counties we believe in […]

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