Auto Insurance on Hold?

Putting Auto Insurance on Hold Snow Birds to extended business travelers, can save money by reducing auto coverage during times of year their vehicle(s) will be parked. If your cars will be parked for months at a time you can save money by reducing coverage while you are away. Obviously you still want to insure […]

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Car theft insurance St. Louis, MO

Top Auto Thefts by Model

Keeping your car secure and your rates down may just begin with the type of car you drive. Whether it is the cost of replacement parts, the color or the anti-theft technology that comes standard on our vehicle can increase your chances of being a victim of car theft. Is your vehicle on the list […]

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Classic Car Insurance Stl.

STL Spring In a Classic Car

Although today’s weather doesn’t reflect it, spring is on its way and now is the time to start tuning up the old beauty to cruise on the first warm weather of the spring.  Whether you are taking her to the car show or cruising down the winding river roads to wine country, take the time […]

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